facilis descensus averno;
noctes atque dies patet atri ianua ditis

taylor kathryn nugent. lawrence, kansas. art history and religious studies double major at the university of kansas. student advisor at the spencer museum of art. medievalist. classicist. feminist. book collector and literature enthusiast. writer and poet.

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Portrait of a Lady, Unknown Artist, c.1490

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Venice (Veneto, Italy) by Petrana Sekula on Flickr.

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Natalie Dormer on the TVGuide Yacht at Comic Con (2014) [x]

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The Legend of Korra returns for it’s final chapter.

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happy halloween. its fucking halloween every day from now until the end of october. happy fucking halloween

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Storm Song
The Disappearance Of The Girl
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ph. erik tanner

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Wojciech Weiss, A Kiss on the Grass c.1900

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Natalie Dormer for Face Up 

'Face Up' is part of the charity's global Because I Am A Girl campaign, which aims to champion girls' rights across the world. Through it, Plan hopes to ensure that all girls can live safe from violence, gain an education, marry who they wish and have their voices heard. The primary focus of the campaign is to end Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and prevent child marriage in a generation. Currently, more than 3.5 million girls are at risk from FGM across the globe, and a young girl is forced into marriage every two seconds. (x)  
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mythic series: thanatos and hypnos (x)

Whose velvet shroud and duvet’s down unburdens all from world which quakes.

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